New Logos & TeamSpeak Changes

New Logos & TeamSpeak Changes

Hello all,

We've made some changes today. Some good, some slightly annoying. But all to make better sense of where things are located.

We're switching to Discord! Just kidding.

We've basically retired the TeamSpeak Cafe branding, and changed it to BetaChat TS, which I believe makes sense. We don't have any other communities using our TS server or anything like that, though people are still welcome to create their own channels and whatever. So why not just name it BetaChat TS? See below for new server addresses and shit.

In addition to the changes to TS, we've got new logos! Hope you like the changes.

2018 Logos

[2018 BetaChat Logo2018 BetaChat Logo
2018 BetaChat FM Logo
2018 BetaChat TV Logo
2018 BetaChat TS Logo
New Icon

The old logo & icon for reference:

TeamSpeak Rebranding

  • TeamSpeak has been rebranded from TeamSpeak Cafe to BetaChat TS and has been relocated back to the domain. This is now the primary hostname for TeamSpeak. has been decommissioned and will no longer work.
  • The official server nickname is now betachat, but cafe will still work. (for those that don't know, you can simply use either of the above in the address box to connect to the server)
  • The TS server has a new logo to match the rest of the new ones.
  • The landing page for TeamSpeak has been updated! Check it out:

NoahBot (TS Music Bot) relocated

  • The URL has changed from to Update your bookmarks and saved password URL.
  • The Web Player for noahbot has moved. Talk to noah about where to find it.
  • The backend AA urls have changed. Again, talk to noah about it.

New Telegram Stickers