BetaChat Commerce (BCOM)

What the fuck is it?

Compete to be at the top! BCOM is a new way to have fun in BetaChat. Everyone can now earn BetaChat Points (BCP). You earn points by playing mini-games in the chat, winning raffles, making virtual bets, and more! Later on down the road, you'll be able to redeem your points for real things. For example, we may have an auction or raffle for some of the Christmas Eve giveaways, and you'll be able to use your BCP to enter. We'll come up with other stuff too at some point that you'll be able to redeem year-round.

Important things to note...

  • You no longer need to tell us if you change your username or nickname. Accounts are tied to your non-changing Discord user ID.
  • All transactions can only be made in #betachat or DM with the bot. This includes participating in any event that you would receive BCP from.

Current Ways to Earn/Buy


  • DuckHunt - Type .bang when you see a duck to earn a random amount of BCP!
  • Slots - .s [1-10] - costs $50 BCP per credit. Higher bets increases payout. BCOM remembers your last bet, so to repeat it just type .s.
  • Russian Roulette - .rr [bullets] - Just like the classic russian roulette game, take your chances with a revolver. Put up to 5 bullets in the chamber, spin the barrel, and shoot! Whether you win or lose BCP is based on whether you're shot or survive. And the multiplier is how risky the shot was, or how many bullets you used.
  • Pickpocket - .p [person] - attempt to steal money from someone. The more money your victim has, the higher the possible payout. Watch out, don't get caught by the cops!
  • Talk in the chat - People will be awarded randomly without advance notice.
  • Lotto - Private message the bot lotto to learn how the Lotto works, or read below.

At random

  • Word Scramble - Solve a scrambled word puzzle before anyone else! Look out for these in the chat.
  • Guess The Word - There's always a secret word. The first person to say it out gets BCP, then a new word is chosen.
  • Raffles - Raffles are held randomly in the chat, where everyone can put money into a pot and bet against each other. Your odds of winning are based on the number of tickets you hold, and the amount is based on how much people put in the pot by buying tickets.
  • Heists - Heists will occur randomly with a special plot and instructions. Follow the instructions for your chance at a large sum!
  • Promo Codes - Listen for promo codes on BetaChatFM and TeamSpeak and enter them to receive BCP.


  • Blackjack
  • Word Search
  • Hangman
  • Trivia
  • UNO
  • BCP for donations

Current Ways to Spend

  • We'll plan something special around Christmas time!
  • More coming soon!


  • BetaStore - to be determined - maybe stickers, other gifts

Ways You Can Lose

  • Taxes - every night, taxes are taken out of your balance. The tax rate is currently 0.5%, but is variable and announced nightly.
  • Leave the group - forfeit 5,000BCP
  • Get banned/kicked - forfeit 10,000BCP

Slots Payouts

You can bet anywhere between 1 and 10 credits. Each credit costs $50 BCP. A higher bet increases payout.
Jackpot: 💎|💎|💎 = HALF OF THE MONEY IN CASINO VAULT! (.jackpot)
Match 3 in a row: 💎|💎|💎 = JACKPOT, 🍒|🍒|🍒 = Bet x 2000BCP, all others = Bet x 1000BCP
Match 2 in a row: 💎|💎 = Bet x 350BCP, 🍒|🍒 = Bet x 250BCP, all others = Bet x 100BCP
Get 1: 💎 = Bet x 50BCP, 🍒 = Bet x 50BCP (stackable)

Previous Slots Jackpot Winners

asstra $8,279 BCP on 3/29/2017
spencerforhire $170,835.96 BCP on 2/2/2018
noah $87,260.48 BCP on 3/8/2018
Jotacs $87,330.24 BCP on 5/24/2018


Playing is easy. Every night at 10:30, new winning numbers are picked in @betachat and any winners are announced. We have two Lotto games, Pick 5 and Play 4. Play 5 costs $250 BCP and Play 4 costs $100 BCP per ticket, and you're allowed one ticket for each per day. You cannot return your ticket once you purchase it. Our Lotto games are closely modeled after the Take 5 and Win 4 NY Lotto games, so you can learn about how they work here.


Pick 5
All numbers correct: Jackpot!
4 numbers correct: $50,000BCP
3 numbers correct: $2,500BCP
2 numbers correct: $1,000BCP
1 number correct: $250BCP
Play 4
Straight - match the winning number drawn exactly in order - $250,000BCP
Match the winning numbers drawn in any order
4-Way Box - a number with 3 identical digits (1222) - $60,000BCP
6-Way Box - a number with 2 identical pairs (1122) - $40,000BCP
12-Way Box - a number with 2 identical digits (1123) - $20,000BCP
24-Way Box - a number with 4 unique digits (1234) - $10,000BCP

How To Play

You can just type the numbers of your choice into this private message without any prefix. Play 4 drawings consist of a 4 digit number (eg. 0000-9999). Pick 5 drawings involve 5 numbers being drawn ranging from 1 to 39 (eg. 01 02 03 38 39)


1 2 3 38 39 or 1,2,3,38,39 or 01-02-03-38-39 - choose 01, 02, 03, 38, and 39 as your Pick 5 numbers
1234 or 1,2,3,4 or 1-2-3-4 - choose 1, 2, 3, and 4 as your Play 4 numbers
qp5 or qp4 quick pick - automatically generate numbers for Pick 5 or Play 4
replay5 or replay4 - replay your last numbers (this is currently broken)

Send /lotto to the bot for current Lotto status.

Last updated 6/21/2019

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