Community Rules

  1. Don't be a toxic shit. We want all members to feel welcome. Messages that include harassing content and/or target specific members, minorities, sexual orientations/identifications, etc will be removed. This includes any hateful or negative behavior intended to denigrate, alienate, or cause harm to another member. Serious or repeated cases are subject to mutes or bans.
  2. Don't be an asshole. Have some respect for others. Don't be a dickhead.
  3. No lil jrs. All members must be 18 or older to be a part of the community.
  4. No porn outside the designated NSFW channel. All NSFW content must be in the #garbage-nsfw channel and abide by Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  5. This is an english-only community. Speaking in other languages isn't only confusing to most people in the community, it's annoying as shit! Fuck off! If you don't know english, this isn't the community for you. Get real.
  6. No unsolicited DMs to anyone in the community. Nobody here is going to send you nudes, nobody wants to be your girlfriend, and nobody's giving you money. Get the fuck out.
  7. Don't bring stupid-ass personal shit to the staff. Deal with your own problems. Unless the person is being incredibly immoral and/or irritating everybody in the community, we don't want to hear it. Shit like "This cunt called me a pickle-puffer. You should ban him 'cause he's a huge cocksucker." Go fuck yourself. Go cry to mommy. Deal with your personal issues on your own. We're not a daycare and don't want to hear about it. We will not ban somebody at your request. Don't like it? Goodbye. We believe everybody is open to their own opinions. Everybody is permitted to speak freely, even strongly. If this isn't your cup of tea, you don't have to participate. If the staff think somebody should be banned, they will take care of it on their own. Don't start being a fuckhead and DMing ban requests or opening tickets like a complete ball of shit. Mods will just laugh at you and tell you to fuck off.
  8. Don't spam your bullshit Discord server, Telegram group, IRC server, or piece of shit website. Nobody cares to join or see your cunt-o-rama.
  9. Keep your beehive neat and tidy at all times. Help us keep our buildings and roofs uncluttered by not erecting CB base stations or radio/television aerials and wires on any part of the premises.
  10. Don't evade a ban. Don't be a shit and evade a ban to appeal a ban – you're stupid as fuck.
  11. Don't ask questions about some other person's ban. If they fucked up bad enough to get banned, let THEM deal with it. Don't bitch and whine and get yourself fired up and banned as well. Fuck off!
  12. Try to maintain positivity and decency as much as possible. People are allowed to say what they want and have their opinion. But when it involves putting someone down, the grown-up way to handle that is to talk to the person privately, and not in a channel full of people. Don't tell people what they can or can't say or do. Let the staff handle it, and let someone make a fool of themselves all on their own. If the staff see you calling people out or telling people what to do frequently, they may mute one or more parties as they see fit. If you are commonly found to be stirring up fights or starting arguments that turn to personal attacks, you will be given warnings, muted, or be removed.
  13. You must abide by Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Moderator guidelines are located here.

Last updated 4/2/2021