BetaChat's primary platform is Discord, and the community is currently accepting new members by invitation only. You'll need to know someone within that's willing to vouch for you, or be invited by the mods. To request an invite from the mods, click the button below!

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The following are deprecated and are only used for legacy purposes.


The WebIRC is deprecated and may no longer work.
BetaChat WebIRC ยป


The IRC servers are depricated and now require a password to connect. Ask someone in the community for the password.

Connect to IRC with SSL (recommended)

Connect to any available server: irc.betachat.net:+6697

Connect to IRC without SSL (not secure)

Connect to any available server: irc.betachat.net:6667

Connect to IRC via IPv6

Connect to any available server: irc6.betachat.net:+6697
irc6.betachat.net:+6697/betachat irc6.betachat.net:6667/betachat

IRC Clients

There are many dandy IRC clients out there. Textual being a good one for Mac, mIRC or HexChat for Windows, or Palaver for iOS. Arguably, those are the best options. But with a quick search will find a bunch more.