Christmas Eve Party 2023

2023 Christmas Eve Party Banner

Pet Pics Contest

This year's annual Pet Pics Contest had three winners, all of which won 50,000 BCP, a feature in the newsletter, and new this year – a gift for their pet! Check out all the cute submissions in the #pet-pics-contest-2023 channel on Discord.

1st Place: Tessa – Nortoh & Cora's cat
2nd Place: Amika – AJ & Annie's cat
2nd Place (tie): Kyle – Connor's cat

Scavenger Hunt

Over 30 scavenger hunt promo codes were hidden around the community & live stream for members to claim for BCP!

Can you spot the two codes hidden in Annie's Discord profile?


This year, we had over $1,000 in gifts exchanged, between members and a grand prize paid for by the community's generous Supporters.

The grand prizes for a winner to choose from were:

  • A latest-generation base-model Apple Mac Mini
  • A DJI Mini 2 SE drone, the Fly More Combo
  • A Meta Quest 3 VR headset

After a very competitive and suspenseful final game of full-board bingo at the end of the night, RJ won, and chose to take home the DJI Mini 2 SE drone! Congrats RJ!!

Many other prizes were given out during the live stream:

  • Matt's $25 Amazon was gifted to Annie in the intro sequence for segment 2 of the live broadcast
  • Nathan's $25 Amazon was gifted to Leesha in the intro sequence for segment 3 of the live broadcast
  • AJ's $50 Amazon was gifted to Alicia, who won the 1st BetaChat Holiday Bingo
  • Sheldon's $50 Amazon was gifted to Melissa, who won the 2nd BetaChat Holiday Bingo
  • Noah's $50 Amazon was gifted to Zach in Pick-A-Prize
  • Matt's $50 Amazon was gifted to Leesha in Pick-A-Prize
  • Connor's $50 Amazon was gifted to RJ, who was chosen in a random-selection giveaway in #announcements on the Discord
  • Annie's $50 Amazon was gifted to Nathan in Pick-A-Prize
  • Christian's $50 Amazon was gifted to Sheldon in Pick-A-Prize
  • RJ's $50 Amazon was gifted to Connor in Pick-A-Prize
  • Alicia's $50 Amazon was gifted to Sheldon in Pick-A-Prize
  • Christian's Duck Lamp was gifted to Jay in a special wheel of names on-stream
Christian's Duck Lamp, won by Jay

Bingo & Pick-A-Prize

BetaChat playing bingo for the grand prize
The new "Pick-A-Prize" game BetaChat played this year


This year we watched Elf, Home Alone 3, Die Hard, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and Bad Santa

The Event Broadcast "Studio"