Every community needs an official cat, right? Well, we voted on it and elected it was decreed that mine and Annie's cat 'Amika' is the official Community Cat! A BetaCat if you will...

Amika - "Toys on the mind"

Amika - "AHHHHHHHH! (actually a yawn)"

Amika - "Sleepy kitty is sleepy"

Almost daily, you'll see or hear someone on chat or TeamSpeak (usually Noah) demand "CAT PICS!"- which usually results in Annie or I spamming between 20 and 40 pictures of Amika in the chat.

Noah found a Bitmoji that has a striking resemblence to Amika too! Kinda messed up...

View more "CAT PICS!" at Amika's official website!

"Because of BetaChat, the majority of the photos on my phone are of my cat." - Annie

This message has been approved by YOUR MOTHER. Also the BetaChat Admins