Taylor's Fuckup List

Taylor's Fuckup List
  • Sent carded Best Buy Gift card used in part to buy my MacBook (found out later gc was stolen)
  • Sent carded iTunes credit (well, probably carded.. he had like $250 and shared some.. who tf has that much credit legit, told keith he frauded/carded itunes and best buy cards from facebook)
  • Helped him sell a laptop on my ebay that i later found out was carded
  • Said Mom got in accident on the way to airport to drop him off to come here, didn't let me know he wasn't coming until i drove all the way to the airport and waited 2 hours with friends. His excuse was that his mom got rear-ended by a semi going 90mph on the highway in the left lane. What part of that makes sense?
  • Used my mom's home address on fraud orders (keith says he saw this happen)
  • Sponsored a dedicated server giveaway for BC Christmas Eve giveaway. MJ94 won the server on christmas, but still hasn't gotten it to this day.
  • DDoSed ztnhosting before it was ddos-protected and got us a 24h nullroute of entire server. We had to switch providers.
  • Hijacked Steve's ztnhosting account and posted bullshit tickets
  • Said that he bought a MacBook once and showed me fake PayPal proof then kept telling me the shipment was delayed until he finally admitted that he never bought it. lol?
  • Decided he wanted to come visit again, but this time he changed plane ticket without even telling me. Was it about to be another trip to the airport for nothing?
  • During Miami meetup, right before leaving, he stole matt’s MacBook Pro, hid it in the hotel room as a [bad] joke, of course ended up left in Florida directly because of this, forcing matt to pay to have it shipped back. Still has not paid matt back for this.
  • Sold Jonny a phone that was locked, when he said it was unlocked and paid for.
  • Ditched Matt and Keith to go to a wedding reception just to drink a bud light - basically what started the whole thing was a few weeks ago, taylor matt and keith made plans to go to austin (matt's house). they set some plans then. less than a week before the meetup is supposed to happen, taylor decides all of a sudden there's a wedding he forgot about for the saturday they're supposed to hang out, which was yesterday. so he basically ditches matt. keith decides he still wants to fly to taylor's and does, knowing that he might be gone for a wedding for a few hours. keith gets there sometime friday and soon realizes taylor has a girl over. from what i heard taylor only paid attention to the girl, and not the guest that travelled miles and spent $200+ to get there. the girl is very weird - does taylor's laundry, cooks for him, but sleeps on his bedroom floor (??) AND has a boyfriend (??????????). The next day, wedding time comes and taylor has not left. he's running errands, etc. he eventually says that he is going 2.5hrs later than planned, to go to the wedding RECEPTION. so now matt is even more pissed off because he now realizes taylor blew him off, not for a wedding, but for a reception - presumably because there's alcohol, but that's just speculation and removes taylor from the group after we have a verbal poll on ts, which was unanimous. keith is now sitting in taylor's apartment hanging out on ts, playing games, etc. 7 or 8 hours pass by at this point, taylor still isn't home, it's almost midnight. keith realizes pretty quickly that it's getting hot in the apartment, so he checks the thermostat - a nest - it set itself for ECO mode. makes sense, it thinks nobody's home or something and set itself for 80º. keith adjusts it to a comfortable temperature, 68 i believe. he realizes soon after that the thermostat is setting itself back to 74. he adjusts to 68 again. back to 74 and so on. keith's then told on BetaChat to leave the thermostat where it is, keith said it's uncomfortable, taylor doesn't care. taylor arrives home a couple of hours later, around 1am i think? and hears keith through the door saying some joke about him not being able to take care of his cat, then walks in, shakes his head at taylor, and goes in the other room - completely silent. he proceeds to message keith on telegram from the other room - i dont remember what about, but eventually blocks him. we then proceed to play games and ts for 30-45 minutes before taylor walks out and says an uber is on the way to bring him to the airport. keith calls him a cunt, threatens him, etc as he's walking out the door and gets all the way to the airport. then he gets texts and apologies from taylor, ending in taylor ubering him back to the house for a place to sleep.
  • Tried ripping off our xmas eve party by calling it 'rapidtoast bash,' which is a name noah came up with and taylor stole by registering the domain and using it, having it on the same day as the betachat one, having the same "who what where when why" format, same yule log idea, etc. Failed miserably by getting banned from various websites he attempted to stream movies on including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.