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In-chat Commands - Discord

The ?warn, ?mute, ?kick, and ?ban commands should be issued in the #channel of the offense in most cases. When you use any of these commands, the bot will remove the command and tell the chat that the user was warned, muted, kicked, or banned. Then, it will send the member a DM telling them what they've done wrong. The staff member's name is not mentioned.

Moderation Commands

Moderation is handled through the Dyno bot. For a full command listing for Moderators, visit

?warn @username [reason]
Will change nothing about how the user can access the server, but send them a DM with the reason of the warning.
Example: ?warn @nudesposter no porn outside of #garbage
Example: ?warn @meanperson excessive hate speech in #betachat

?mute @username [time] [reason] (?unmute @username to remove)
Will restrict the member to read-only access to most channels on the server.
Default duration: permanent
Example: ?mute @annoyingmember 10m chill out bro

?kick @username [reason]
Kicks someone from the server.
Example: ?kick @annoyingbot spam bot

?ban @username [time] [reason] (?unban @username to remove)
Ban someone from the server. Definitely reserved for the most extreme of situations.
Default duration: permanent
Example: ?ban @reallybad 14d animal cruelty photos in #garbage
Example: ?mute @piapwns 1d deleting everyone's messages

?modlogs @username
Return the moderation history for a specified user

?reason [case number] [new reason]
Supply a new reason for a mod log case

Example of how a warning looks to a member

In the channel:
In the channel
In DM:

In-chat Commands - IRC

(can only be used in the #staff channel on IRC)

!akill <nick> [time] [reason]
Akills the specified nickname from IRC for the time and reason given. All ban reasons are postfixed with the /appeal link when a reason is given.
Default duration: 30d when given a reason, otherwise Permanent
Default reason: Pre-school is elsewhere.
Example: !akill Stupid_Cuck or !akill Keith 100d or !akill skid 1y stupid child

Last updated 6/6/2018

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