1) Don't flood the shit out of the chat. Nobody wants to scroll through lines and lines of bullshit. This includes spamming the bots. Don't be a cock.

2) Don't post hardcore porn in the chat. Don't post anything NSFW during office hours. We have The Garbage Group for both, honestly. Use it.

3) This is an english-only community. Speaking in other languages isn't only confusing to most people in the community, it's annoying as shit! Fuck off! If you don't know english, this isn't the group for you. Get real.

4) Don't PM people in the group without permission. Nobody's going to send you nudes, nobody wants to be your girlfriend, nobody wants to give you money. Get the fuck out of our group and eat shit.

5) Don't be an asshole and start harassing people in the community. Have some respect for others. Don't be a dickhead. It's the admins' sole discretion what is considered 'being a dick' and what's not. That being said, please refer to rule 5 before you make yourself look like a stupid ass.

6) Don't bring stupid-ass personal shit to the admins. Unless the person is being incredibly immoral and/or irritating everybody in the channel, we don't want to hear it. Shit like "This cunt called me a pickle-puffer. You should ban him from the network 'cause he's a huge cocksucker." Go fuck yourself. Go cry to mommy. Deal with your personal issues on your own. We're not a daycare and don't want to hear about it. We will not ban somebody at your request. Don't like it? Disconnect your shit and leave. We believe everybody is open to their own opinions. Everybody is permitted to speak freely, even strongly. If this isn't your cup of tea, you don't have to participate. If the admins think somebody should be banned, they will take care of it on their own. Don't start being a fuckhead and PMing ban requests like a complete ball of shit. They'll just laugh at you.

7) Don't spam your bullshit IRC network, other Telegram channel/group, or piece of shit website. We don't give a fuck. Nobody here wants to join or see your cunt-o-rama.

8) Don't DDoS, PoD, or clone/bot attack our shit. We've seen it all before and it's the oldest faggotry in the book.

9) Keep your beehive neat and tidy at all times. Help us keep our buildings and roofs uncluttered by not erecting CB base stations or radio/television aerials and wires on any part of the premises.

10) Don't commit any illegal fuckery on our network. We won't tolerate it and will have no problem removing your ass from our servers. We will not be held liable for your fuck-up(s) committed on or near our network or servers. If you don't want to claim responsibility for your actions, disconnect your shit right now and don't return.

11) Don't evade a ban on this network. Don't be a shit and evade a ban to appeal a ban – you're stupid as fuck. Appeal by email with the provided link you cunt.

12) Don't ask questions about some other person's ban. If they fucked up bad enough to get banned, let THEM deal with it. Don't bitch and whine and get yourself fired up and banned as well. Fuck off!

All of that said, you're an absolute fucktard if you actually manage to get banned from this community. We take the rules very lightly and are not cunts that're out to get you for using caps or cussing 'FUCK YOU' at somebody. We leave that job up to the tight-ass cunt-monkey networks that have nothing better to do than ban you and abuse oper privileges like a dickfaced cunt-rag.