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What's BetaChat?

BetaChat was formed as a small community back in 2006 to create a safe-place for geeks and computer enthusiasts to come and chat without strict rules typically found in other online communities at the time. We've evolved greatly over the years and have all become really great friends (for the most part :P) and some of us have even had meet-ups all around the country.

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Are you guys gamers?

Well, we wouldn't call ourselves hardcore gamers, but we do play games quite a bit. It's common to see us playing GTA Online, Team Fortress, Rocket League, Urban Terror, Minecraft, and more. We've got our own game servers and clans on most of these.

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How do you guys chat?

Though our community started out solely on IRC, we've moved on to something more modern. We've still got IRC set up and being used, but usually we're found on Telegram in a private group that's got a relay bot transporting chatter to/from our IRC channel. We also communicate on TeamSpeak almost every day.

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