Admins and Mods on BetaChat should be extremely passive with their roles, and only take action when necessary. Moderator actions should always be for the greater good of the community and it's members. We're not here to be uptight assholes. We attempt to govern the community as a democracy to keep things as fair as possible for everyone.

While most decisions that affect the majority of the community will be voted on by the mods and sometimes the community as a whole, there are some things that may be overridden at the sole descretion of the founder of the community (yes yes, supreme ruler etc), but with the community's best interests in mind. This includes picking who is a mod or not a mod. Keep in mind not every decision needs to be political.

  1. Follow the Community Rules yourself. Nothing's worse than a shitty admin/mod that can't adhere to the rules they're supposed to be enforcing.
  2. Delete first, then warn or mute. Our first line of defense should be issuing a warning by using the ?warn command, rather than quick-firing a ?mute or ?kick. Give people a chance to see that they're doing something wrong.
  3. Do not kick, mute, ban, voice chat mute, or otherwise restrict anyone unless they have violated one of the Community Rules or Discord Guidelines. This includes banning people for personal reasons. Don't. Generally, a mute is advised in most cases, while a kick/ban is reserved for the more serious situations or obvious spam bots.
  4. DO NOT delete ANY messages. The only exception is for messages that contain another member's personal/private information, hard-porn/beastiality/gore, messages that fall within our Community Rules, or messages that violate Discord's Community Guidelines. Messages spamming other Discord servers, IRC servers, Telegram groups, etc may also be deleted at mod discretion. Any porn what-so-ever must be deleted unless it was posted in the designated NSFW channel, #garbage-nsfw.
  5. Mods are expected to be present/active on our primary platform. If you go MIA for weeks at a time and aren't able to participate in community decision making, we may choose to revoke your admin/mod. What's the point?
  6. Bans generally should not be made without Mods consensus. All mods should agree on bans made for long-standing members of the community. This includes but isn't limited to OG's.
  7. Mods are not permitted to lift a ban or mute set by another mod, without a Mod discussion and majority vote to repeal. If a member approaches you about a ban/mute you did not make, tell them to open a ticket by DMing @Logan so that the team can discuss it and vote on repeal. If you did set it, you may remove it at your discretion or still point them to open a ticket. In rare cases, mods may reach out to the community about a ban if there is a tie or if several mods decide it is necessary.
  8. Do not use your mod privileges on other mods. If you have a problem with another mod, handle it in private – either in the mod channels or outside of the community. Don't make it a god damn spectacle and make an ass out of yourself in front of the whole community.
  9. Don't publicise any information from the mod channels without prior permission. This includes discussing bans, any mod drama, or other mod-only chatter outside of the mod channels or in private with non-mod members.
  10. When enforcing rules, every case must be handled individually without being biased or prejudiced. Pretty self-expanitory.
  11. Do not kick/ban/mute/repremand anyone for expressing their opinions, unless it is explicitly hate speech or harrassing.

Handling of uncivil arguments involving personal attacks:

  • If there's an argument that's civil, it's allowed. Even if it's based on strong opinions. But when it turns personal, that's when we can tell them to stfu and take it elsewhere. A DM perhaps.
  • A ?warn could be given first, tell them to take it to private. If they refuse and continue, then a ?mute should be issued to the user for 1 day.
  • Messages should not be deleted unless exception is found via admin rule #4.

If you are caught abusing moderator privileges, flaunting your moderator powers to other members like a power-hungry fool, or violating any of the moderator guidelines above, you may lose some or all of your moderator roles. If we find that your actions as a mod are being repeatedly repealed by other mods, you may lose your mod roles entirely.

Mods are expected to review and be familiar with the Discord Community Guidelines and TOS, as they will be needing to remove any content which goes against Discord's policies, and potentially remove users that repeatedly do so.


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Last updated 6/3/2020